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Bookmaking in Asia

The Asian subcontinent is famous for the high number of bookies and punters that are present. Most of the punters and gamblers are interested in straight betting and the more complex forms of betting aren’t usually a popular option for the local people. From India to Pakistan to Nepal or any other country that comes to mind, all the bookmakers are connected to each other over the phone and in almost every country.

Bookmaking in Asia has also been shaped by the advent of the internet. Nowadays, punters can wager on almost any sport or event they are interested in. Even if you live in Australia and want to place a bet in Australia, it is possible from your home or office – online.

A decentralized sort of an environment is created. By the heavy use of the telephone during the entire bookmaking business and certain sports are covered which are of high importance for the expatriate community of the Asian countries. The hub of most of the gambling industry in Asia can be traced back to Karachi, Dubai and Bombay which are the most famous places where bookmaking is being conducted. Other than these three cities, the bookmakers are connected to the entire subcontinent and far away and bets can be made by calling the local deals.

These local dealers are situated in small hidden locations as gambling is not allowed in most of the countries. These local dealers open the channels and odds are discussed over the phone – the local dealer on behalf of his local customer then places the bets to the regional dealer. These regional dealers have been hired directly by the main bookmakers who are either sitting in the three cities across the Asian subcontinent. This is how odds are places and bets are made and the bookmaking business in Asia is quite different to what is followed in most parts of the world. Then there is the sport on which the bookmaking business is usually conducted.

Certain sports are important

For most parts of the subcontinent at least, it is the rivalry between the three countries, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka which generates the most amount of interest from the public and cricket is the main activity which has a total viewership of more than 1.5 billion people and many more across the world. So such is the attraction of the sport of cricket that more and more advertisers, bookmakers, punters and other stakeholders have been trying to promote the sport in one way or the other.

Simply watching the game of cricket between the most famous rivalry between India and Pakistan cannot be accepted by the fans and they need more. More and more money is being pumped into any competition which takes places between India and Pakistan – be it in hockey, cricket, kabaddi, almost every sport generates the same amount of interest from the viewing audiences. Due to the intensity of the events which are held in Asia, be it a football match being held between Manchester United and AC Milan, the local fans go crazy and they need to quench their thirst of watching competitive matches by going to the bookmakers in Asia.

Phone versus Online bookmakers

All the money is finalised over the phone and the bookmakers work on the basis of trust. Each of the local dealers is well known among the gambling public and interactions continue through out the day. They trust the local dealer and the local dealer invests his trust by giving those concessions and hints as to where to place the bet and who to bet on.

But slowly and steadily online bookmaking is making its marks in the Asia as well with economies such as India and China unable to cope with the high number of consumers and users of telephone betting – thus the advent of bookmakers over the text messages or over the internet. Other options are also available such as the cable television centres which have been used quite often to place their bets.

One can use the remotes to place their bets through the cable television operator and he forwards the total bets for and against the team to the main dealer in the region. This is how methods are being evolved and newer methods are being developed. But there have been problems in the past when the bookmakers and local dealers have been caught by the police.

In Asia, the possibility of being arrested does exist but now proper systems are in place and it is least likely for the bookmaker to get arrested. Softwares are being used which are a safe way of doing business while many more novel ways have been developed so that no problems are encountered by the audiences. There are also many new online gambling websites which are slowly and steadily coming into force as many of these phone bookmakers are struggling to retain their market share.

People need quick access to what the odds are rather than waiting for a few hours before the bookmaker can help him out. The exchange of money over the internet is also safe and secure and there are usually no hassles encountered in dealing over the internet. Thus more and more new ways are leading to the development of the industry in Asia because it remains the biggest gambling market of the world with countries like China and India who thrive on the prospect of gambling on a sport.

Thus the emergence of online bookmakers is a pleasant surprise for the people in Asia who tend to bet on western sports such as the Premier League or the NFL which can not be done over the phone. Another problem with phone betting is that they do not have all the range of sports as do online bookmakers.

Phone bookies are unable to support a punter if they want to play the NFL or the Premier League – they can only help one out in regional sports and that’s it. But the presence of both types of bookmakers also gives the punter open options to go for the phone bookies or over the internet. Competition between the phone bookies and the online bookmakers also helps to keep the odds at a reasonable rate so that everyone can enjoy the pleasures of gambling in the Asian subcontinent.